Barnes and Noble

It's so exciting to watch Shadow Pact slowly creeping into the world. I found the spot on Barnes and Noble for pre-orders, with our official release date 2/12/2019. I can't wait to hit the shelves! Amazon reviews have been amazing, but my dream has always been the idea of someone, somewhere, in the line at Barnes and Noble with the world of my creation in their hands.

Imaginary Friends

My favorite question people ask me is 'how long have you been writing?' This one always makes me smile because the answer is simply 'all my life.' Even the people who knew me back in elementary school can tell you stories of the little girl with her nose in a cheap notebook. While some people may think that makes me odd (and they might be onto something, lets be honest here), the truth is I love to sit down with a blank sheet of paper or newly opened word program and let my imaginary friends tell their tale.

Need 5 More Reviews

Our goal for Amazon reviews is 25. We have 20 reviews. So close to the goal! We just need 5 more to hit the goal.

Free Book Days Outcome

Free Book Days were a fabulous success! Our goal was to give away 100 books, but we surpassed the goal fabulously. In the end, we gave away nearly 400 books in the past 5 days. That's a lot of new readers to connect with. Thank you to everyone for participating, and happy reading!

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